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Welcome to Sqwishland

Welcome, parents and guardians, to Sqwishland! As parents, we completely understand some of the concerns that you may have when allowing your child to freely roam around and explore on the internet. The staff here at Sqwishland LLC has taken these thoughts into consideration, thus this page has been created to address the most common concerns that parents have when it comes to allowing their children to play freely in online games.

Sqwishland in a Nutshell

Sqwishland is an online virtual world that caters to your child’s vivid imagination. Derivative of the physical goods sold worldwide, Sqwishland allows children to create their own personal avatar, explore the world, safely meet new kids across the world, take care of their own pet Sqwishlander, and engage in an endless amount of quests. However, they must beware of the evil Sqwabbles that set out with the goal of tainting the good name that is Sqwishland.

Kids can acquire in-game currency, Sqwash, by obtaining membership, purchasing them separately, or becoming a frequent visitor to Sqwishland. Acquiring Sqwash can enable them to purchase costumes for their avatar, feed and care for their pet Sqwishlanders, play exclusive games, and even buy themselves some scuba gear to take a plunge into Sqwishland’s deep blue sea!


Safety First!

Here at Sqwishland, safety is our primary focus. We’ve implemented a few safety measures that will help us maintain consistent positive levels of safety.


Sqwishland LLC employs moderators to monitor player’s behavior, and game activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The moderators we employ are specially trained and have all received background checks. In fact, all staff members of Sqwishland who have anything to do with interaction in the virtual world have all received background checks.

Moderators are capable of muting, kicking out, and suspending a player’s account anywhere from one hour up to permanently. If, at any time, a player feels uncomfortable in-game, they can report their issue to a moderator, real-time, who will immediately respond as necessary.

Conversation Filters

Here at Sqwishland, we believe in allowing users to be able to socialize with one another. Fortunately, this is part of the learning experience as it helps develop social and communication skills. With this ability, we still understand the risks, thus, we employ conversation filters to help limit inappropriate words that users may be tempted to convey to one another. The filter is constantly updated with words and phrases, that when typed anywhere in the virtual world, will not be shown to anyone.

With such an internet savvy staff, Sqwishland can easily stay abreast of all internet colloquialism, which, in turn, helps to make Sqwishland that much safer.

Law Enforcement Communication

Sqwishland takes safety seriously. As such, we’ve established a communication channel with local law enforcement. Should, on the very rare occasion that, law enforcement intervention become necessary, Sqwishland LLC is fully prepared to comply with any law enforcement requests.

Sqwishland is FREE to play

Registration to play Sqwishland is completely free. There are a few other bonuses that are only available to premium members. If you’re interested in learning more information about the bonuses and premium membership, visit the Membership page.

Even though Sqwishland is free to play, you can find our physical product at a vending machine or retail location near you by going to the Sqwishfinder and typing in your zipcode. Each capsule comes equipped with a secret code that unlocks a super cool feature inside Sqwishland.