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New features

  1. We're now mobile! Access from most Apple or Android Tablet device!
  2. SqwishLanders are now more fun to play with, able to dance!
  3. Talk freely with your friends! We have a great new chat system for you to share together!
  4. Our games are being updated with better graphics and extended play time!
  5. You can order toys online and have them shipped straight to your home!
  6. Collect all new SqwishLanders from new areas (Like City, Forest, etc.)!
  7. Now you can collect over 1,000 SqwishLanders!
  8. All new look for many of our characters!
Tablet PC

More to come!

  1. Additional minigames!
  2. More Regions to unlock and explore!
  3. Updated Mail and Gift system integrated!
  4. Many more Quests for extended adventure!
  5. Level up higher and earn more Achievements!
  6. The all new Sqwish Pound will make sure your pets are taken care of!
  7. And so much more!

Questions :

Q.) Will my old account still work?

A.) Absolutely! You will be able to log in using your old account name and password.

Q.) Will my levels, pets, items,etc. carry over from my old account?

A.) Yes, all information from your old account will transfer over.

Q.) Can I still play the game for free?

A.) Yes, all accounts are still free! However, you can upgrade to Premium Membership to unlock even more fun and excitement!

Q.) Will changes made to my account on an iPad carry over to the PC or Android version?

A) Yes they will, all of your account information are synced among any and all compatible devices!

Q.) What's the maximum number of SqwishLanders that I can own?

A.) You can own as many as you want! Remember to take care of them though, or else the SqwishPound will take them to a happier place.

Q.) Can I trade items with my friends?

A.) Not at the moment, however we do plan to make that possible in the near future!

Q.) What's the difference between the tablet and PC version?

A.) The difference lies in how you control your character and play minigames. While you will have access to all games on either device, the game controls may be different.